What are your opening times?

Staff are available Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm.

How do I go ahead with one of the bills packages?

When securing a property with Drake & Co Estate Agents, they will provide you with our details and offer you our services. You can communicate with Drake & Co regarding your decision to take our Inclusive Bills and/or Internet Only Packages.

What bills are covered in the All Inclusive Bills Package?

We manage the accounts for your gas, electricity, water, broadband and TV Licence.

Is Council Tax included?

No, Bills Paid Ltd do not cover Council Tax. However, if you are a student, or living with students, you can apply for exemption or a reduction on your Council Tax. Contact Drake & Co and/or Manchester City Council for information regarding Council Tax exemption.

How do we pay our bills?

All payments must be sent to our Agent, Drake & Co.

Payments are due on the date agreed in your Bills Agreement.

Drake & Co will provide you with payment details. All payments must be sent via bank transfer or Standing Order.

Can we send payments in advance?

Yes. If you wish to send your bills payments in advance (e.g. using your student loan), you can send the payment to Drake & Co.

How much is Internet Only?

If you do not take the All Inclusive Bills Package you may be required to take the Internet Only option, this is because the broadband may already be in contract for the duration of your tenancy at the property.

The internet is £55 per calendar month. This would be split between the number of tenants living in the property. For example, if there are five tenants living in the property, they will each pay £11 per month for the internet.

Who do we contact if we experience any issues?

If your problem relates to fixtures or fittings within the property (for example the boiler, radiators, meters) you will need to contact your Estate Agents, Drake & Co. They may need to arrange for a contractor to attend.

If the issue relates to your utility accounts, mail from utility providers or your energy supply, please contact us directly at info@billspaidltd.co.uk.

I have received a utility bill in the post, what should I do with it?

Any/all utility related mail should be dropped off at Drake & Co’s office (161a Dickenson Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5HZ), as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may contact us to inform us that you have received utility related post, we may ask you to take a photograph of this and email it to us at info@billspaidltd.co.uk.

Do NOT contact the utility provider directly as the accounts are not in your name and the suppliers do not need your details. If you do this, they may change the account into your name and contact you directly for payments.

Do we need to send meter readings?

Most properties will have smart meters installed. If you have smart meters, you may not need to send monthly meter readings, as smart meters send regular reads to the providers. However, we may contact you to request meter readings from time to time, to ensure that the meters are working correctly and pulling the right reads. It is the Customer’s responsibility to take meter readings and send these over when requested.

Meter readings can be sent via email or uploaded via our portal.

How do I take a meter reading?

Refer to our Support Centre’s Meter Readings page for assistance with taking a meter reading.

Drake & Co will also send tenants a Moving in Guide which includes step-by-step instructions on how to take a meter reading.

We recommend that all Customers read the information provided and familiarise themselves with how to do this, as this may come in handy in later life.

Is a TV Licence included?

Yes, a TV Licence is included within the Inclusive Bills Package.

TV Licencing may contact you or send post to the property stating that you do not have a TV Licence, but this is not the case. Should this happen, contact let us know. We can provide you with your Licence number and can contact TV Licencing about the matter.

Are the bills unlimited?

Tenants have an unlimited access to energy, water, broadband and their TV licence for the duration of the contract. However, a Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy applies for gas and electricity.

Whilst we/suppliers will not cut-off the energy supply if you exceed the Fair Usage Allowance, Customers will be required to cover any costs that exceed this.

What is the Fair Usage Allowance?

A Fair Usage Allowance will apply to ensure that your energy usage is not excessive and kept within reasonable and sensible limits.

The allowance is for gas and electricity combined, and varies for properties, depending on the number of bedrooms/occupants.

All Customers must read the Bills Paid Ltd Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy before signing their Bills Contract. Within the policy are the Fair Usage Allowances.

The allowances are designed to be generous and if you are sensible with your energy consumption, it is unlikely you will exceed these limits.

How long is the contract for?

Our Bills Agreement is usually for a period of twelve months, although this can be amended to correspond with your tenancy dates.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No, Bills Paid Ltd do not charge cancellation fees. Refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding cancellations.

Why is my Wi-Fi not working?

If you are experiencing issues with your internet connectivity, please refer to our Support Centre’s Broadband Troubleshooting page for information and advice.

If you have followed the steps set out and the connection does not improve, please contact us so that we can assist.

Somebody has turned up to take a meter read, should I let them in?

Staff from Bills Paid Ltd and/or Drake & Co may attend to take meter readings if Customers are unable to provide these. We endeavour to provide 24 hours notice before doing so.

From time to time, energy providers (such as Eon) send representatives to take random meter readings for their records. They do not provide us or you notice for this. All representatives should carry an ID card/badge that you can check, you can also call the energy supplier to confirm the identity of the person.