1. Locate Your Meters

If the property has both gas and electricity, you will have two meters – one gas and one electric. Some properties also have a water meter installed, please contact us to check this if you are unsure.

Meters can be located in a variety of places in and around a property, here are some of the more common locations:
– Outside of the property inside a cabinet, you will need a key to open this. Meter cabinet keys can be purchased at supermarkets, hardware stores, or online
– Inside a cupboard or cabinet in a bedroom/bathroom/hallway
– In the cellar (if applicable)
– Underneath the stairs
– Water meters can sometimes be found outside in the ground- if this is the case, we will take the water meter readings as and when necessary.

If you are unsure what gas and/or electric meters look like, see the images below.

2. Take a Photo of the Meter Reading

When sending a photograph of a meter reading, the photo must be clear and all of the meter details must be visible, including the serial number. When taking meter readings on smart meters, you must ensure that you are displaying the correct screen.

  • To view the current electric reading on a smart meterpress 9 until the “IMP KWH” screen shows. The next screen will show the reading and will have “HAN” and “kW h” displayed in the bottom corner.
  • To view the current gas reading on a smart meterpress 9 until the “VOLUME” screen shows. The next screen will show the gas reading and will have “HAN” and “m3” displayed in the bottom corner.

If the property does not have smart meters fitted and/or you are unsure how to take your meter readings(s), please search the meter type/model online as you may be able to find a tutorial. If you are still struggling after looking online, please contact us so that we can assist.

3. Send the meter reading TO US

Photos of the meter readings must be sent via email to info@billspaidltd.co.uk.

You must state your name and the property address within the email.

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